5 Quick and Effective Ways to Learn JavaScript

5 Quick and Effective Ways to Learn JavaScript

If you've been studying JavaScript or web development in general but still feel inadequate in your knowledge of the topic. Perhaps you're having trouble remembering or applying all you've learned. This is the article for you.


Google shows 7,930,000,000 results on "Why JavaScript is hard to learn", Many developers don't learn JavaScript and jump to some other alternative language ( Though each language has its own specialty ) because they think JavaScript is hard. But you shouldn't be among those developers. In this article, you are going to learn about "How can you learn JavaScript".

Follow a Well-structured Curriculum

As a self-taught developer, it's your responsibility to find a standard structure to follow. Avoid learning anything that comes your way at all costs. You must stick to a set of guidelines. This ensures that you are not leaving out anything you should know on the subject.

Freecodecamp is a non-profile organization that has the best and well-structured curriculum which can help you learn JavaScript. You can start with any of their courses and continue it till the end.

Write Complex Code in Plain Language First

Write a piece of code in plain language first though it's going to be complicated or unfamiliar. You'll be able to figure out what you want the code to accomplish before writing it.

Learn How to Google

This is one of the effective tips that can help you solve many of your questions. if you spend years upon years following tutorials either by watching videos or reading guides, you will still come across problems if you are working on projects.

Your buddies are Google and Stack Overflow. However, you should always start with Google to discover what possibilities are available to you. You'll be surprised at how much knowledge you can pick up this way.

Before one week, I have written an article on "How to use Google like a Pro", which I think, it might be helpful for you If you want to learn tips on how to use Google.

Start Your Own Projects

If you don’t put your hard-earned knowledge into practice, what was the point of learning it in the first place? When you're ready to put your JavaScript abilities to work on a real project, rather than beginning from scratch, consider adding a feature to a program you made in a lesson. If you require assistance, consider collaborating on a project with a friend.

Set a goal for yourself and decide what you want to study.

JavaScript has a lot of different branches. For this, it's best if you pick one technology and ignore the rest. However, if you are just getting started, making this option will be hard because it is difficult to know where to begin. You'll need to follow a well-structured curriculum in this situation.

JavaScript is used for both Frontend and Backend. It means that there is a lot of frameworks for you to learn so in order not to get overwhelmed and bored easily, you should only focus on one thing and leave out all other things outside of that.

This doesn't mean that you need to learn only one JavaScript framework, You need to learn as much as you need but focus on one framework before starting the other one.


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