Typescript vs Javascript : Which one should you use for your next project ?

Typescript vs Javascript : Which one should you use for your next project ?

Suhail Kakar
ยทJul 29, 2021ยท

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JavaScript is a scripting language for building dynamic web pages. It adhered to client-side development principles, thus it operates entirely within the user's web browser and requires no resources from the web server. Javascript may also be used with other technologies such as REST APIs, XML, and others.

Typescript is a superset of Javascript. It is a statically built language for writing Javascript code that is straightforward and simple. It may be used with Node.js or any browser that supports ECMAScript 3 or above.

Difference Between Javascript and Typescript

Typescript Javascript
To make the code comprehensible for browsers, it will convert to JavaScript code. Can be directly used in browsers
There is support for ES3, ES4, ES5 and ES6 No support for compiling additional ES3, ES4, ES5 or ES6 features
During the compilation process, errors can be identified and rectified. Because it is an interpreted language, errors can only be discovered during runtime.
Since it is a superset, all the JavaScript libraries, and other JavaScript code works without any changes JS libraries work by default
Functions can have optional parameters This feature is not possible in JavaScript
Numbers, Strings are considered as interfaces. Number, string are objects.
Powerful and intuitive language Neat and clean, most suitable for simple web applications
Supports modules, generics and interfaces to define data No support for modules, generics or interface
The community support is still growing and not so huge Huge community support, including extensive documentation and assistance in resolving issues.
Prototyping is possible Prototyping support is not there
Takes time to learn and code, scripting knowledge is a must. Can be learned on the go, no prior scripting experience is needed.

Features of Javascript

  • It's utilised on both the client and server sides.
  • It's simple to learn and use, and it's a cross-platform language.
  • Strong Testing Workflow
  • It's a dynamic language: flexible and powerful

Features of Typescript

  • It's a dynamic language that's both versatile and strong.
  • Offered great productivity for developers & Maintainability
  • Code 'discoverability' & refactoring
  • Optional Static Type Annotation / Static Typing

Which one is better ?

JavaScript is excellent for experienced developers working on relatively small coding tasks. However, if you have a development team with experience and understanding, Typescript is the best alternative.


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